A whole new scope unveils for bulk: the mechanical and horizontal unloading system.
Designed and developed to load and unload all kinds of hard-to-flow commodities in containers.
BULK FLOW’s Tilt-Less Liner System standardizes unloading protocols as merchandise is unloaded directly from the container into the importers’ silos or to their production line(s).

As no tilting is required to unload bulk products, low-density products can be loaded in 20’, 30’, 40′, 45′ or 53’ containers without specialized tilting trucks, which are not always available, at the destination.

BULK FLOW’s Tilt-Less Liner System® does not rely on gravity for the commodity to flow out of the container, instead, it uses a patented floating floor system that, in conjunction with a proprietary discharge frame, drags the product out of the container progressively, regardless of its degree of cohesiveness (compaction, tunneling, arching, bridging, etc.).

You can now control and quantify the cargo’s unloading speed through BULK FLOW’s Tilt-Less Liner System®.