Are you ready to revolutionize your bulk handling process with standardized transportation protocols?

Here’s how it works.

Low-density and high-density hard-to-flow products transported door-to-door through standard ISO container shipping lines is now possible at a lower cost. Control your stock and access solutions for your bulk needs at any moment – the container is your silo!


The most diverse commodities can be loaded and transported anywhere, protected by BULK FLOW’s multi-layered polyethylene film, which is extruded in one piece for seamless protection against humidity from marine condensation.


The Tilt-Less Liner System® reduces complexity, saves time and protects your product. Handle hard-to-flow solids by loading them mechanically. The Tilt-Less Liner System is the best way to optimize payload as it maximizes cargo space utilization with dust-free loading and achieves the lowest ratios particle/air.


No container tilting equipment-unloading system is required. The mechanical and horizontal bulk unloading system permits standard merchandise unloading from any 30’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ container in a professional and safe manner, directly into the importers’ silos or onto their production line.


The Tilt-Less Liner System includes its own PLC internal control system, completely adapted to the customer needs, user-friendly, and with high efficiency.